Getting to know us: Heather Tatman

Name: Heather Christine Stewart TatmanHeather filming PSA
Employee at the Community Cycling Center since: March ’08
What do you do here? I think a better question is: what don’t I do here? HR, Financial, IT, Administration, Risk management…
Why do you work here? I truly love the culture of this Community Cycling Center. The work that I do can be a challenge sometimes but the warm fuzzy feeling I get from working around such wonderful people and for an organization that does such good work makes it a very rewarding experience.
What is your favorite Community Cycling Center program? I love the focus and direction of our programs. Specifically, I appreciate our dedication to empowering people of all ages to start riding and keep riding. This spans across our organization and includes Summer Camp, Bike Clubs, Adult Earn-a-Bike Workshops and Bike Maintenance and Urban Cycling Classes. Can you blame me for not being able to choose?
Dream bike? I’d really like to build my own bike one day. The options are endless…
Where are you from? Little bit o’ everywhere but most of my family is in small town Michigan.
What brought you to Portland? Honestly? I’m a wanderer and this is where I happened to end up. And I fell in love with Portland and the Northwest and haven’t found any reason to leave since.
Any hobbies/passions? Reading, writing, learning or otherwise nerding out, heated discussions in dimly lit bars, being outdoors, football, and of course cycling.
Last book you read? Last memorable book I read was Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman. An immigrant’s memoir on identity and self-expression. Very well written, highly recommended.
Pets? I have one spoiled cat named Big.
How do you spend your days off? Wander through Powell’s, get lost and find my way again, daydream.

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