Goodbye, Bonnie

Earlier this week, the Community Cycling Center lost a great friend, volunteer, booster and all-around den mother, Bonnie Blackman. She volunteered at the weekly drop-in nights and special events and co-taught the Advanced Maintenance Class. She was a patient teacher and an expert wrench who was quick to make those newer to our fold feel welcome. She was friendly, goofy, and full of stories. The ways in which she has helped improve our organization are innumerable. She embodied the mission and spirit of the Community Cycling Center and helped expand access to cycling to those underrepresented in Portland’s cycling community. She will be missed not only by the staff and volunteers here, but by all the people who have passed through volunteer nights and bike collections over the past few years and had the pleasure of interacting with her.

From our 2006 Annual Report:

Dave and Bonnie
“I believe in community,” says volunteer Bonnie Blackman. “The philosophy of the CCC fits with my own philosophy of treading lightly. And I just really like the hands on work we do here.”

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