It’s the first week of Bike Camp! Here’s what the kids have to say…

New Columbia Bike Camp

It’s the first week of Bike Camp, that time of year where kids of all ages take over the streets of Portland, armed with popsicles, wrenches, new friends, and adventures. We sat down with fellow Bike Campers at New Columbia–many of which are graduates of our Bike Club program–to ask about what they learned so far this week. Here’s their responses:

Miguel O.
“What I like about Bike Camp is that they give examples to understand the situation that they are giving out.
The coolest part of Bike Camp is that they let us choose the places that we will like to go. They take us to long trips and I think that all the trips were the best.”

“The coolest part about Bike Camp is being able to ride our bikes all day. I like Bike Camp because we got to go to Pier Park. We can use the stuff from Bike Camp after so we can be more prepared for what comes.”

“I like Bike Camp because I get ride my bike with other people and I get to meet new people. I get to try new things and learn new things. In Bike Camp we went to some places I never went. I can use my my stuff in Bike Camp by showing it to other people. The coolest part about Bike Camp is when I get to go places and when I get to have fun.”

“I like Bike Camp.  We go to parks . I will teach my brother how to read maps.”

“I really like Bike Camp. It’s fun and a great way for kids to learn how to be safe on the road. We learn bike safety, signals, and how to be safe on the road. After Bike Camp is over, I plan on teaching my friends and family everything I learned so they can be safe too.”

“I like to ride bikes. Angela and Jimmy (the instructors) are cool. And I hope to see them at the Hub.”

“The coolest part of Bike Camp is that I get to go to new places that you haven’t gone to. In Bike Camp, we went to Pier Park and to North Gate Park and did the game of when you get to take the wheel off the park and put it back.”

“We get to go to parks. I learn new things. I can teach other people the stuff I learn.”

Miguel H.
“I think camp is good because we can be outdoors instead of playing video games. I like going from park to park.”

New Columbia Bike Camp

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