Meet Ihe

Ihe rides his bike through New Columbia - photo by Shannon McWeeney

Every Saturday, Ihe gets out his helmet, gets on his bike, and joins up with his neighbors to go on a group ride. The grassroots bicycle group at New Columbia, “We All Can Ride”, has been teaching Ihe bike safety and the joy of riding. Through the Saturday rides, Ihe has taken on a leadership role in his community. Ihe’s stepdad reports that “since riding, he looks at life more positively and is more responsible.”

Now a new opportunity to increase access to bicycling for Ihe and his neighbors is coming by way of the Bike Repair Hub. The Hub will provide affordable repairs, free advice, and will act as a hub for all sorts of cycling activities.

The Hub is currently being designed collaboratively and on an accelerated timeline by New Columbia residents, Community Cycling Center, Home Forward staff, and MFA students from the Oregon College of Art & Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art. It will be completed by August 31st!

In just a few weeks, New Columbia will have its own Bike Repair Hub, but we need your help to help us cross the finish line. The Bike Gallery, the Community Cycling Center and hundreds of supporters are coming together. We invite you to join us – become a part of this project by making a donation today.

For every $2 you give, the Bike Gallery will contribute $1 to the New Columbia Bike Repair Hub. Help us reach our goal of $10,000 by September 5th and help empower more riders like Ihe.

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