Better Late than Never

Remember how our bike shop was damaged when a truck collided with our wall on December 9 (the day before Holiday Bike Drive)? Well, stop the presses because TODAY a crew started work on the wall, repairing the damage from that surreal accident. Woohoo!

We continue to count our lucky stars that noone was hurt, but it has been a monumental challenge for us. We have two of our teams working at temporary offices, but at least they are set up and continuing work on new programs and volunteer projects.

This week we have had some very good news. First, we got started on our new administrative office that our programs, volunteer, administration, and fundraising staff will move into in early April. Second, we heard news from the Meyer Memorial Trust that we received an emergency grant to help us with the buildout and move to the new office. And TODAY a crew started work on the damaged wall. The pictures show the extent of the impact. Once they are done we will begin putting it all back together: the office, the wall, the mural, and the shop. Just in time for spring to arrive!

C’mon by the shop and check it out. Get your bike fixed while you’re at it! Spring is right around the corner.

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