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Adapting To Social Distancing & Tips For Riding

Written by Riley Gabriel, Programs Mechanic Since March 16 the Community Cycling Center Bike Shop has been taking repairs and gearing up to do most of our sales online instead of in person due to COVID-19. Like everyone, we have been adapting to this new world of social distancing and heightened sanitation procedures. Bicycle shops […]

Bicycle Parking Code Revisions at City Hall November 13th

    On Wednesday, November 13th, we plan to testify at City Hall about proposed changes to Portland’s bike parking code. We would love to see you there, also testifying, or just showing up in support! This is the first full revision of the city requirements since 1996. At that time, the citywide percentage of […]

New School and New Staff for our STEM Program

Since 2015, the Community Cycling Center has been teaching “Bike Mechanics as STEM Education” in two alternative secondary schools: Helensview and Rosemary Anderson/POIC New Columbia. In keeping with our long history of using bikes and bike mechanics as a tool for empowerment and a vehicle for change, this program was designed to bring multiple benefits […]

Oregon Public House supporting the Cycling Center, AGAIN!

  The Oregon Public House (700 NE Dekum, Portland) bills itself as “The World’s First Not-for-Profit Pub.”  The community gathering space, which opened in 2010 just a few minutes by bike from the Cycling Center, pays its staff a living wage and then gives all of its profits to community organizations.  WOW!   The way it organizes […]

Bike Camp 2019: Themes!

We are excited to announce that Bike Camp will be integrating weekly themes into our camps this summer! Start building up your costume collection, so you can sport your interpretation of each week’s theme. Remember dangly items aren’t necessarily the safest while riding bikes, and an excess of clothing, although fun, could be very hot. […]

Voyagers – A New Camp for Incoming 9th and 10th Graders

Now introducing a place for our avid high school cyclists! Voyagers, as the name implies, will travel far distances as they challenge themselves to boldly go where no camp has gone before. They’ll navigate downtown Portland, gaining confidence riding with traffic and communicating with other road users. Voyagers will learn about various types of multi-day […]

Our Plan in Response to Portland Public School’s Schedule Update

The Community Cycling Center is an organization that values both summer camp and education, and we recognize that our campers have varying schedules and circumstances. Portland Public School’s recent schedule update in response to making up this years snow days has created a conflict with our first two days of camp, June 10th and 11th. […]

Holiday Bike Drive On December 2nd

  Our biggest and most magical event of the year is coming up soon, on Sunday, December 2nd. Hundreds of kids from families with low incomes will get to choose a bike to take home, and the smiles will light up the room. We have a few slots still available for volunteers to help with […]

Bike Camp Summer Summary

What’s the best part of Fall–that crunch of many piled leaves under your bike tire, the cool crisp bite of wind blowing in your face, or that pumpkin spice latte you’re carrying in your water bottle cage? Whatever it is, don’t neglect one of the greatest seasons for riding your bike. Pull out your scarves […]

Cycling Center Hosted Record Number of Interns in 2018

Hosting interns is part of our effort to provide meaningful learning opportunities for youth, and to make the cycling community more diverse and welcoming. This Summer the Community Cycling Center hosted eight wonderful interns from three different programs! Our largest contingent of five interns came from the SummerWorks program, which aims to place diverse youth […]

Trade Wars Affect Bikes, and Us, and You!

As you probably are already aware, the current federal administration recently imposed tariffs (taxes on imports) on certain goods coming to the United States from China.  Unfortunately (but predictably) some of the goods in question go into the making of items that we carry at our bike shop.  As we move into the 2019 season, […]

Walk n Bike to School

Waking up early can be hard, but once you are out the door, and particularly when you choose to walk or bike, the experience quickly starts trending towards the positive. Beautiful weather doesn’t hurt either. This past Wednesday, October 10th was a prime example as the community turned out in impressive numbers for International Walk […]

Volunteers Make Our World Go Round

In order to meet our goals of preparing over 350 bikes to give away at the Holiday Bike Drive in December, we need more volunteers! Are you free on Tuesday nights to help prepare for the most magical day of the year? Our main entry-level volunteer shifts are Tuesday nights, 7-9pm at the shop at […]

Transit Justice for All

TriMet has new money from a new tax and is deciding how to spend it. Our friends at #OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon and Youth Transit Justice Alliance (YEJA) are requesting adequate funding for YouthPass and for senior and disabled transit services. Please support them by signing a petition here! To find out more about the situation, read […]

Slipping into Fall

The days are getting shorter, the air feels crisp, and there’s more rain in the forecast.  Our shop has your back, and your toes, and your fingers.  We have a full selection of fenders, lights, gloves and rain gear available, and last year’s remaining stock of Shower’s Pass rain gear is on sale!   Please also note that we […]

Give us a bike – at REI! October 6th Collection Events

Many of you have bikes or parts to donate but don’t live near our shop on NE Alberta. Is there an REI location closer to your home? Then you’re in luck! On Saturday, October 6th, from 10am to 3pm, Cycling Center volunteers will be collecting donated bikes and parts at the REI locations in Tualatin, […]

Many days and also many years of love for Cycle Oregon

Five staff members and twelve volunteers had a great time riding and working around eastern Oregon September 8th – 15th on the “Cycle Oregon Classic” ride. The week-long adventure travels a different route in rural Oregon each year, exploring the many beautiful parts of this state and bringing money and guests to rural communities. The Community Cycling Center […]

End Family Separation

The Community Cycling Center is appalled by the administration’s current policy of separating children from their parents. Separating children from their parents fits the United Nations definition of genocide. Although we know that America has a long history of doing just that to black, brown, and immigrant children (through slavery, Native American boarding schools, and […]

The HUB is open for business in 2018!

The 2018 Season of the HUB is up and running! The first day of “business” was May 2nd, and a grand opening party with music and burgers was held on Saturday, May 19th. The HUB is a free, convenient neighborhood bike repair spot for the residents of the Portsmouth neighborhood, specifically the New Columbia housing […]

Love by Bike: The 2nd Annual St. Velotine’s Day

Carl Larson delivering a velotine

In an increasingly digital world, St. Velotine’s Day is our emerging tradition celebrating all-analog affection. Next Wednesday, February 14th, the Cycling Center will be using our bike shop as a one-day pop-up couriering agency dedicated to appreciation and positive community spirit. Now through February 14th at 12:00pm*, you can stop in at our bike shop and […]

Thank You, Cycle Oregon

Cycle Oregon has announced that they have cancelled the 2017 Classic due to wildfires. We can only imagine how difficult the decision was for the Cycle Oregon team and admire that they have prioritized safety. The development of this summer’s fires have had significant impacts on communities throughout Oregon, most particularly in central and southern […]

Why Gateway Green Matters

Bike Camp at Gateway Green

If you have been to our bike shop on 17th and NE Alberta St., you may have seen Cole Lalomia behind the counter. Like many of the Cycling Center’s bike mechanics, Cole is not only adept at fixing bikes, but also volunteers in the community to make it a more welcoming place. Cole is a […]

Join Team Tailwind!

Happy National Bike Month, everyone! Nothing begs for a bike ride like a sunny May day. We hope your May is already steeped in two-wheeled celebration, with more adventures in sight. And what better way to kick off National Bike Month (beyond a bike ride) than joining a team of folks supporting more people getting […]

A Big Tent for Our Communities’ Needs

Encouraging access to opportunities for all our communities in a way that ensures a healthy, equitable future for all is a cornerstone of our work here at the Community Cycling Center. We are daily grateful to our volunteers and community members whose efforts make our programs possible. We are also grateful to our coalition partners with whom we […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Helen McConnell

Helen McConnell at the beach

Volunteers are an integral part of our community. From wrenching on bikes for Holiday Bike Drive to providing photography or graphic design expertise to our events, the Community Cycling Center’s volunteers keep the wheels of this organization moving forward. Some volunteer roles are visible in the community; some are behind the scenes. Today, we would […]

You Are Welcome Here

Community Cycling Center's front door

By Mychal Tetteh You are not alone. We’re here, with and for you. At the Community Cycling Center, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy, freedom and health benefits of bicycling. This hopeful, open and abundant approach to our mission stands in stark contrast to the divisiveness we have recently […]

Coalition wins $3.5 million for Safe Routes to School!

Yesterday, the For Every Kid Coalition, representing 89 coalition partners including the Community Cycling Center and the BTA, won an unprecedented investment in Safe Routes to School: $3.5 million. The Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) voted in favor of the proposal that increases investments that provide safety for people walking, bicycling, and accessing transit, […]